What is long-term governance?

Good long-term governance will balance the exigencies of today with the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. To achieve this, decisions should be made which allow people of all ages to meet their needs and meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Understanding our Common Purpose

The Summit of the Future is a huge opportunity to drive forward this mission.

In September 2024, world leaders will come together to agree an international consensus on how we deliver a better present and safeguard the future. Member countries will come together to agree a Pact for the Future and a Declaration for Future Generations “to cement collective agreements and to showcase global solidarity for current and future generations.”

Why is this important now?

We are living in an increasingly complex and non-predictable world
where change is not the exception but the new norm. This brings a
higher degree of uncertainty and volatility.

Governments, communities, and societies are simultaneously
navigating local and global challenges, climate emergencies, rapid
technological transformations, demographic and value shifts, and
challenges around truth and democracy.

We have to collectively find new ways to think differently about
change, anticipate disruptions, and seize new opportunities. In
order to succeed, we need to move away from linear views of the
future and traditional planning approaches, towards anticipatory

This is the only summit in UN history to focus specifically on the future. We need to meet the potential of this moment to catalyse urgent action for current and future generations across the world.

To do this, we must pull together our resources and knowledge to work towards our common future.

The global community of people who care about the future, and believe that structured long-term thinking is key to helping solve today’s issues, are gearing up to inspire and support citizens and communities to advocate for a successful Summit that leads to effective post-summit implementation and noticeable change.

Summit of the Future Programme

In collaboration with UN Foundation and Future of Climate Cooperation, we will be working towards securing a successful Summit and mobilising countries to drive future generations’ policy at a local and national level in a 9 month ‘Summit of the Future’ Programme.

We know that there is lots of interesting long-term governance work being done at the local and country level, but it is not feeding through to the international and multilateral stages.

This programme is dedicated to bridging the gap between the different layers of government, both domestically and internationally, to support early adopters in creating a route to innovations and reforms that lead to long-term governance and a high-ambition Summit of the Future.

We will be doing this through research, weaving regional and global networks, and working in-country with officials and communities to build long-term governance capability.

This webpage contains all of the information you need to get involved in our work.

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