Practitioners in planning, strategy and policy for future generations.

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Intergenerational Fairness Collaboratory

Tools and approaches to put intergenerational fairness into practice
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Using the future: Tools for transformation

Unlock the power of foresight and shape your future. Join our interactive session to learn, share, and prepare for tomorrow.


Foresight Tools to Improve Strategic Planning.

Learn more from Andrew Curry about the foresight tools that businesses & other organisations can use to adapt to a changing world.
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Let's face it.

The past hasn't been entirely kind to the present.
The present is overloaded.
Governments, business and civil society are facing a triple crisis.
We need to be fair to all generations.
Something has to change...
What we do

A better future starts with better decisions today.

Taking a longer term view of what could and should lie ahead isn’t a distraction from the present.

It sharpens your perceptions of the present.

It improves your ability to act.

Foresight with impact

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.


Our Activities

1. Advise

We advise decision-makers struggling with complex, future-facing policy and strategy questions – across governments, philanthropists, civil society and corporations.

2. Build

We teach, mentor and champion individuals and organisations to use applied, participatory foresight and longer-term planning for public good.

3. Weave

We weave, incubate and scale networks of social change agents who are working for better futures at a community and global level.

4. Tackle

We innovate, build and test new programmes designed to tackle today’s crunchiest and systemic public purpose challenges.

Foresight training

Learn the skills you need to understand change and disruption and how to create future-ready organisations in an uncertain and increasingly volatile world. Register for the next training course starting mid-September.

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Supporting the next generation

Our Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award is now in its third year. And we are growing a global network of next generation practitioners.

Learn more about the award, our 2018 and 2019 fellows and how to enter.

Meet the NGFP Fellows

Every invention began as an imagination.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anais Nin

Our impact.

We're helping Oman develop participative scenarios for the future as part of their national planning processes for 2040.

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We're helping an African company improve long-term viability while providing reliable access to critical infrastructure by 2030.

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We're helping IATA and its members to understand the strategic issues, opportunities and challenges facing aviation out to 2035.

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We're working with a European government’s Foreign Office to support conflict prevention and reconciliation in Southern Africa.

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