Transformative change only happens when everyone
—people, groups, and leaders—works together. 

Supporting transformation

Our work builds on research and practice using foresight to drive systems and sector transformation in more than 50 countries. This has led to a deep understanding of futures, people and systems and how to help systems unlock to create transformative futures.

We integrate these approaches to provide insights, build capability and support change for people in countries, organisations and communities.

Transformative foresight triangle

Leading thinking

Building future-facing, future-ready organisations and institutions is hard.

As experts in the use of foresight in government and governance we work to help people:

  • Harness foresight for change
  • Build their foresight ecosystem and embed foresight capability
  • Conducting local and national listening exercises harnessing
    participatory foresight
  • Drive innovation in sectors and systems
  • Reimagine effective democratic practice

We do this collaboratively with our globally diverse community, made of friends and collaborators formed across the futures and foresight space where new perspectives, challenges and insights are shared. 

Selected publications

Putting ideas into practice

We design and build scalable approaches and coalitions for change . These are designed to unlock effective transitions and long-term decision-making in three ways: with citizens,  with organisations and with leaders.

Transformation missions

Our Foresight Transformation Missions are where we’re seeing a need for cutting edge thinking and a need for change . 

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Intergenerational fairness collaboratory

Putting intergenerational fairness into practice and helping decision-makers act in ways that are intergenerationally fair.

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National Strategy for Next Generations

Building infrastructure to connect citizen participation into long term planning at the national level.

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Weaving networks to catalyse change

We weave, incubate and scale networks of social change agents.  We empower people who are working for better futures at a community, systemic and global level. ​​

The Next Generation

Next Generation Foresight Practitioners: one of the largest global networks of future-alert changemakers with 600 members from over 90 countries across 6 continents.

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Futures Pioneers

Hosted by our IGF collaboratory, this international network of government officials is building and sharing practice in future generations, wellbeing economics and long -term decision-making.

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Developing infrastructure and tools

Developing, testing and rolling out approaches that incentivise decision-makers, organisations and communities to act in ways that are intergenerationally fair:

  • Case studies and good practice Researching what matters: how to use foresight building to help ecosystems and organisations to become more agile and anticipatory, and supporting our leaders to make better long-term decisions. 
  • Foresight toolkits Drawing on our expertise in strategic and transformational foresight to build toolkits that help people to start using foresight, showcasing not just methods but how to design effective interventions.
  • Supporting learning Designing and delivering learning programmes that drive individual, organisational capability learning in applying foresight and futures.
Toolkits and resources