School of International Futures (SOIF) is a global non-profit transforming futures for current and next generations. 

Our vision is an equitable and sustainable world for current and next generations.

We help people transform the present by using structured thinking about the future.

We bring together three disciplines in the service of transformation: 

  • Foresight and futures: We advise decision-makers about how to use foresight approaches to address complex, future-facing policy and strategy questions across governments, foundations, civil society and corporations.
  • Participation and governance: We put people at the heart of the future. We seek to ensure that representation, legitimacy and participation are central to foresight work. We act as a bridge and connector between different groups.
  • Networks of change: We believe that building networks is central to systems change. We weave, incubate and scale networks of social change agents.

SOIF was founded in 2012. It is headquartered in the UK and operates globally, using diverse teams to work with leaders, organisations and communities.

How we work

Our work delivers insight, capability and change through the following approaches:


We are a values-led organisation.  We have always worked with people who are using foresight to create positive change and social justice.


We translate insights into practice to ensure that the end of any foresight journey is rooted in impact today.


We work with people who are committed to action – from early adopters or those at the highest levels of government, private and NGO sectors.


We identify emerging practice and new insights and share these with our networks of practitioners to promote change.