A National Strategy for the Next Generations

We are building a network aligned behind the need to make UK national strategy better. We owe it to the next generations.

What is the National Strategy for the Next Generations?

This multi-year programme is building the infrastructure to connect citizen participation into long term planning at the national level . We are modelling a new method of strategy and decision-making which combines a systematic consideration of the long-term with widespread citizen participation.

The National Strategy for the Next Generations (NSxNG) involves a coalition of more than 50 partners. We are always looking to connect and collaborate with institutions, organisations and individuals that share our goal of exploring what a different and better approach to decision-making could look like in the UK.

Why are we doing this?

From climate change and advancing AI to political polarisation and a cost-of-living crisis at home the UK is facing a proliferation of challenges – and opportunities – that require long-term, whole-of-society responses.

However the UK lacks the institutions, governance and policy processes for long-term decision-making across multiple terms of office.  SOIF has therefore initiated a multi-year programme to build the infrastructure to connect citizen participation into long term planning at national level.

There is a pressing need to unite citizens and communities, shape a shared vision for the future of the UK and incorporate their voices and experiences into decision-making processes.

NSxNG Full Report and Executive Summary with findings and recommendations of our initial NSxNG pilot.

Our approach

We need a new approach to designing a long-term, outward-facing national strategy for the UK. An approach to our country’s future role in the world  that actively designs in the needs, wellbeing and interests of future generations. Our approach uses strategic foresight and citizen engagement to do this by:

  • Using foresight to create actionable insights based on future generations’ interests
  • Engaging diverse communities in youth-led intergenerational dialogues shaping the UK’s future
  • Developing approaches to bridge citizens and policy makers
  • Integrating with government processes and informing national strategic planning with civil services teams, MPs and Peers

Ultimately national strategy should put the citizens of that nation first and foremost…
18-24 year old, NSxNG survey

What is a ‘National Strategy for the Next Generations’?

An overview of what the programme is aiming to achieve.

The story so far

In the last 4 years, we have collaborated with 50 partner organisations, engaging over 1000 citizens in workshops and citizens assemblies, convening current and future leaders on future of development sector, recruiting over 50 youth champions who hosted 46 intergenerational dialogues in local UK communities, and connecting to over 250 policymakers.

Our Champions have led 46 local, intergenerational dialogues generating recommendations on critical aspects of the UK’s future – health, climate change, technology, democracy, conflict prevention, and economic prosperity.

The Champions and their recommendations have been involved in key policy making events and forums such as the Government’s Integrated Review in 2021 and 2023, Select Committee inquiries and White Papers. Moving forward, we plan to present our findings to civil service teams, Parliament, and party conferences, foster connections between Champions and MPs, host international roundtables, and engage in ‘Future Check’ assessments of planned policies.

The Road Ahead

NSxNG believes in shaping national strategy processes through a whole-of-society dialogue led by young people, fostering a shared vision for a positive legacy. The pilots so far have shown that demand for this work is growing. To capitalise on this growing interest, we need a coordinated approach to embed infrastructure mechanisms in order to systemically shift policy making processes to be more democratic, anticipatory and intergenerationally fair. 

In the next stage of the programme we will therefore be formalising these pilots into a sustainable, multi-year programme to building cross government capability for long term participative national planning.

Concept Note

This document sets out the basis for a NSXNG approach to national strategy.

The NSxNG Coalition: our partners

We and our core delivery partners are united by a vision for a more agile, future-focused and participative approach to National Strategy. 

Get involved

Whether you’re an MP, civil servant, activist, journalist, academic, or charity worker – or anyone interested in reshaping democracy to serve both current and future generations – we invite you to join us. Together we can drive lasting change in shaping the UK’s future.

If you are not from the UK you can still get involved in the UN Summit for the Future – sign the pledge here.