The challenge

The UK Government Office for Science and EDS Projects in the UK Cabinet Office were looking at the future of support for people in later life to 2030–in particular the roles housing and technology could play.

As part of this work, GO Science commissioned SOIF to explore elements of technology or housing that would help people live well for longer, with less formal provision, and support effective care when this is required.

Our approach

Following a rapid research exercise, this short project engaged brought together external stakeholders including experts in housing, technology and social care together with cross-government stakeholders to:

  • explore future ‘demand’ for social care needs in 2030, using personas
  • consider technology and housing solutions, using a set of future technology and housing cards developed specifically for the project
  • identify and assess combinations of social care needs and technology/housing solutions, identifying barriers and enablers to implementation
  • propose policy approaches that could support the implementation of these solutions

The outcome

The work contributed to spending review decisions around social care including short-term decisions around the UK Spending Review, and the establishment of the UK Aging Society Grand Challenge.