Watch New ‘Pakistan Calling’ Videos Now @PakistanCalling

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has recently released 14 new films as part of its Pakistan Calling Project.

The RSA is an organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. Through its ideas, research and 27,000-strong Fellowship it seeks to understand and enhance human capability in order to close the gap between today’s reality and people’s hopes for a better world.

Pakistan Calling is a project founded by the RSA in collaboration with The Samosa, that seeks to highlight the social problems faced by Pakistan.  It does this by providing a platform for films showing links between civil and cultural organisations and communities in Pakistan and the UK, and showcasing some of the moving and inspiring work undertaken by individuals and organisations tackling these problems. The project aims to promote cross-cultural dialogue and community trust in the UK by promoting the many different faces of Pakistan and supporting filmmakers working in areas such as arts, social welfare and citizen journalism.

We encourage you to explore the project further and check out the new and old films screening now on its website.

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