Statement of Commitment for the Summit of the Future

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The UN’s Summit of the Future is an unmissable opportunity to reimagine governance fit for the 21st century. At the Dubai Futures Forum, the largest global gathering of futurists, an internationally representative multistakeholder session launched a pledge of support for this critical global moment.  The ‘Statement of Commitment for the Summit of the Future’ mobilises civil society in service of a high-ambition outcome, rooted in tangible action. 

  • The Summit of the future is a catalytic moment – it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to coordinate and drive future-oriented governance innovations. 
  • However, major gaps in awareness and knowledge – together with siloed activity – mean there is a major risk it does not deliver on this catalytic potential.
  • Coordinating action is therefore urgently needed and will result in big wins:
    • Information-sharing: circulate timelines, analyse research needs and data gaps, map existing and emerging national-level innovations and solutions 
    • Collaboration: build effective networks for innovative action, ensuring the representation of indigenous communities, young people and the Global South 
    • Alignment: connect narratives relating to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda with intergenerational thinking, futures and foresight practice 
    • Advocacy: deliver focused asks, evidence and action 
  • Efforts across member states, the UN system and civil society are needed to connect the dots and reinforce a virtuous cycle of innovation across the national and multilateral levels:
    • Mobilise early adopters and champions in member states to share future-oriented governance innovations regionally and globally and set ambitious commitments
    • Connect the current systemic transformation of the UN at country, regional and headquarter levels to these endeavours
    • Activate the power of civil society to reimagine and inspire an ambitious outcome through creativity,  tangible action, meaningful engagement and accountability at the local, national and global levels
  • In response to the appetite and ambition of participants, this session has acted as a launching pad for ongoing convening and mobilisation towards the 2024 Summit of the Future and beyond, with key milestones being:
    • Immediate action: nurture global cross-sectoral networks in service of high-ambition inputs in the zero draft and engage champions through the pledge for continued mobilisation 
    • March ‘24: review and coordinate opportunities and initiatives that will lead to a high-ambition Summit of the Future and amplify those opportunities and initiatives at the May UN Civil Society Conference
    • September ‘24: convene a civil society gathering – inspired by the cross-cutting futures-enabled multi-stakeholder conversations in DFF – on the sidelines of the Summit of the Future, ready to support delivery back in-country
    • November ‘24: reconvene and assess progress at The Dubai Futures Forum, launching a 2025 plan for turbocharging implementation

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  1. A welcome initiative. We can turn the global foresight network into a group that helps those in government, business and civil society to reflect on how a sustainable future can be created that stays within planetary boundaries, whilst assuring the minimum needed for all to have a good life. Moreover, the presence of people from all over the globe can be used to create a human sensing network of early warning signals and best practices.

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