Pivotal countries: Alternate futures

Michael Oppenheimer – speaker at SOIF2012 and long-time friend of SOIF – has a new book coming out in December. For those of you who don’t know Michael he is a veteran scenario and strategic planner who has advised the Department of State, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the President’s Science Advisor, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Brookings Institution.

His new book “Pivotal Countries, Alternate Futures: Using Scenarios to Manage American Strategy” draws on his experience working on scenarios for China, Syria, and the Iran nuclear crisis. The book will be a treasure chest of foresight tools and methods that you will be able to use to improve your policy and decision-making.

You can pre-order a copy on Amazon or through Oxford University Press.

Interview with Dr. Michael Oppenheimer at SOIF2012

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