Participate in the virtual exercise – Asia Pacific@Hawaii Futures

We are inviting those unable to join us in Hawaii to participate in a virtual exercise by considering the impact of four drivers of social change (one driver per scenario) on the four different 2040 scenarios prepared by HRCFS for the retreat: C0, G2, G200 and C-Infinity.

  • In a hyper-connected world, what does it mean to be young and rebellious?
  • In a world starting over, what do you do when there’s very little of what you need?
  • In regions on the brink of conflict, where do you draw the line?
  • In cities teeming with people, where will you hang your hat?

Send us your thoughts and interpretations using twitter#AsiaPacific2040 by 5PM UTC on Tuesday 22nd April (7AM in Hawaii).

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