Background reading for the “live challenge”

During our live challenge sessions next week, we’ll be looking at water and food security challenges in the Middle East region over the next twenty years. For those of you attending who have some reading time before you join us – long flights maybe! – I’m posting some useful background material. Some of this is quite voluminous, so don’t feel you have to read it all! If there are any other documents or good journal articles you think are relevant, please do post these too.

(Please note you can download the programme for next week by clicking here. For the latest news use the #SOIF2012 Twitter hashtag and check back to the website regularly for updates on what’s going on.)

Xevents analysis OECD 2011
World Bank – Food Security and Storage in MENA

UNDP – ADCR 2012

Sustainability Tomorrow – Innovation for Green Growth

RAND – Implications of economic and demographic trends for Arab world

OECD – Emerging risks in C21

IMEMO – Strategic Global Outlook 2030

IFRI – does food security matter

Demography and Instability in the Developing World

Climate changes – impact on ME

UNESCO – Climate Changes, Water Security and Possible Remedies for the Middle East

MacQuarrie – Water security in the Middle East

There are also some shorter journal pieces worth taking a look at:

IASPS – The new water politics of the Middle East
AlertNet – Water security for whom?

World Bank – Food security in MENA – Food security a ‘serious challenge’ for Middle East countries

Current Intelligence – Middle East food security and climate change

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