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Join our online training in February

2020 has been a strange year. It has tested claims that we can see what could happen 12 months out, let alone 12 years. But this has also strengthened the resolve of many organisations to build resilience to make the most of whichever future comes their way. Our strategic foresight training this year has helped bring structure to the processes for delivering this resilience, as well as supporting organisations looking to pivot their approach to long-term change. 

We’ve really enjoyed the chance to rethink and refresh how we deliver foresight training. We’ve turned our retreats and workshops into virtual experiences for clients based anywhere from the Philippines to California and have re-worked our materials to emphasise the skills needed in times of high uncertainty. 

Now we are ready to run our first online foresight training course designed for individuals coming from different organisations, starting in February 2021.

This course covers the same topics as our annual 5-day retreat, but over a longer period. We will also be holding our 10th anniversary retreat in August 2021. Our website will be updated in December.

If you’re interested in joining us please email us at We look forward to having you join us in the New Year.

We are very satisfied! We very much appreciated your collegiality, flexibility, and creativity in thinking about how to adapt your courses to our context and to the online environment. 

CEO, NSquare

How will the course help

Whether you have already taken part in strategic foresight exercises or are new to the field, you will learn to create change in your organisation and to communicate the impact of your foresight work. The course will help to sharpen up your skills, as well as debate key concepts in discussion with experts.

The course aims to achieve three results for participants: to become better users and commissioners of foresight; to return to your work ready to build future-ready organisations; and to learn from each other and support each other as part of a global foresight community.

The training and development I received from SOIF has inspired me to continue with my own personal development, but also motivated me to continue to improve the credibility of futures and foresight tools and techniques within government.

Head of Futures and Strategic Analysis for the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre

What is involved

The online course includes 30 hours of contact time over 8-10 weeks. It provides a mix of teaching, discussion, and practical exercises building to final team presentations on a topical challenge.

You’ll spend time between sessions to reflect, learn about upcoming topics and complete practical work.

The course also includes six group learning sessions with an executive coach.

What you’ll learn

Introduction Overview of the course and the topical challenge, meet your cohort, as well as setting learning objectives.

Module 1 Think like a futurist: principles for practice, SOIF four stage process, and developing a futures mindset.

Module 2 Scoping futures work. Introduction to horizon scanning.

Module 3 Ordering: from drivers of change to systems thinking and alternative futures.

Module 4 Investigating implications and identifying strategic choices.

Module 5 Integrating: foresight as an ongoing practice in creating future-ready organisations

Next steps Learning and development. Next steps on your foresight journey.

Group learning sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6.30pm UK time. There will be something to do every week, but not always learning sessions. If you miss a session you’ll be able to catch up, but we you will get the most from the course if you are attend the sessions.

Each session will be hosted by SOIF experts, with special guests from our international network of futurists, policy-makers and innovators. Speakers will vary depending on the interest and background of the cohort. 

Methods include: horizon scanning, multiple scenario methods, three horizons and techniques for using foresight in strategy processes.


During the programme you will move from knowledge into action by working in small learning groups. You will focus on a challenge that you, your team or community is facing, using the group to help you to successfully implement your learnings from the programme and take your skills back to your organisation. 

Excellent teaching modules, tools and activities

MIGHT, Malaysia

Who should attend

Attendance on our virtual courses is limited, with cohorts ranging from 10-20 participants, in order to provide an interactive training experience.

Whether you have already taken part in strategic foresight exercises or are new to the field, you will learn to create change in your organisation and to communicate the impact of your foresight work. The course will sharpen up your skills, as well as debate key concepts in discussion with experts.

Participants at our retreats and courses tend to work in strategy, policy, leadership and analytical roles in governments, NGOs, international organisations and businesses. Previous participants include representatives from Centre for Strategic Futures, Singapore; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; UK Ministry of Defence; Garten Rothkopf; McKinsey and Company; National Commission of Security, Mexico; NSquare, Save the Children; Shell Global; the African Public Policy and Research Institute; and the United Nations. 

SOIF’s training stands out from other foresight courses and conferences. In this inward looking world, they bring exceptional diversity to the conversation.

European Commission

SOIF is a community — whether you are a foresight practitioner, user or commissioner, we help you build connections with people working to solve the same kinds of problems you are facing.

Registration and pricing

The next open course, designed for a cohort of individuals from different organisations, will start on 9 February and run to 20 May. Onboarding typically starts 2-4 weeks before the course. We also provide bespoke courses for cohorts from one organisation, community or sector.

To register click on the button below, or contact us on +44 (0) 300 302 0486,

We will ask for some information about your motivations for attending before we confirm your place. We want to ensure that attendees will be able to get the most out of the course, and will let you know if we don’t think the course is the right fit.


Non-profit:  £3250* per place
Corporate:   £4600* per place

* This includes all learning and development sessions before during and after the event; group mentoring sessions; access to the online facilitation platform during and for 6 months after the course. Prices excl. VAT

Discounts are available for multiple bookings from the same organisation.


  • If you cancel within seven days of approval of your application to attend we will refund you the training fee in full.
  • Before 31 December 2020: No cancellation charge
  • 1 January to 18 January 2020: 50% cancellation charge
  • After 18 January 2020: 100% cancellation charge. However, if your participation is impacted due to unforeseen circumstances we will explore options on a case-by-case basis,