Using the future: tools for transformation at Purpose Summit 2023 and beyond

Purpose Summit 2023

How can we tap into the potential of futures thinking and foresight to create better, more sustainable futures? Here are five key insights from SOIF Operations Director Caroline Star during her talk at Purpose Summit 2023:

  • Don’t be afraid of the future – it is inherently uncertain. Effective foresight acknowledges this, optimising today’s decision-making with the right mindset and tools.
  • Seek out different perspectives. Broad participation in futures work, including lesser-heard voices and future generations, enriches our understanding and challenges worldviews.
  • Use your imagination. Engaging with alternative futures is more than just theoretical. It requires imagination and immersion, leading to actionable insights.
  • Do something about the future you want. Beyond imagining different futures, knowing their implications is crucial. Use tools like backcasting and windtunneling. Become an agent of change and identify allies for your journey.
  • Be a good ancestor and make money. Foresight’s core capabilities align with organisations that manage risk well and seize opportunities. Being agile and alert to changes, future-ready organisations not only ensure profitability but also safeguard future generations, attracting talent.

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Explore futures thinking and foresight further in our virtual session on Thursday, 16th November, 9am-10am GMT. Register here to join.