SOIF Summer Retreat 2013

This August, the 2013 School of International Futures held its second Summer Retreat at Wilton Park. The event was a huge success with 25 delegates attending from 15 different countries; joining together to share their knowledge and perspectives in the area of strategic foresight. This year’s course had the theme of anticipatory governance, and brought together experts from around the world in a series of talks and seminars, preparing delegates to carry the tools and skills they developed during the course forward into their organisations and policy areas. Participants included representatives from foreign ministries, international institutions, think tanks and leading corporations, all of whom helped to build an environment of enthusiasm and learning, contributing to the success of the event. This year’s speakers included Mathew Burrows, Leon Fuerth, Arif Lalani, David Robson and Matt Locke, while Andy Hines from the University of Texas foresight programme led the tutorial sessions.

To get a sense of how the event unfolded – in photos and tweets – see our Storify presentation.