Highlights of 2016 – ESPAS conference

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) project is a collaboration between the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU, and the European External Action Service. It has an important remit to both identify and explore trends that will affect the future of the European Union, as well as to provide a coordination function across participating institutions and support the EU’s decision-makers.

As part of its ongoing strategy the ESPAS 2016 annual conference focused on the future of society and governance out to 2030. The conference was a space for policy makers, practitioners, non-profits, private companies, universities, and more to come together and discuss the future of Europe – exploring a diverse set of issues from the future of European security, to rebooting democracy and the role of cities in the 21st century.

For highlights, the post-conference report ‘Shaping the Future’ provides short think-pieces. You can find additional insights online including video highlights from attendees and speakers including SOIF’s Cat Tully.

Events such as these, which bring together global perspectives in an open forum, are vital for strategic planning and, as Cat says in the video, to explore “how can we come up with new solutions to address the challenges that we are facing today?”

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