Our Friend and Colleague, Victoria Ward, Leads ‘Story of the Future’


Humans live in a world of stories; we use stories to make sense and meaning of the world. And in a very real sense, these stories create the reality we live in. In a world of uncertainty and imbalance, there’s an uneasiness about what kind of world we will leave for the future generations. ‘Story the Future’ is an initiative that aims to start a conversation about our present, our future and our dreams using storytelling as a tool of expression.

The conversation takes the form of a virtual gathering of those who work with narrative and story.  Story of the Future welcomes practitioners, explorers and thought leaders from around the world who are working with story for a positive change. The remarkable group will come together in a series of insightful interviews across three weeks until the 30th of September.

Our friend and colleague, Victoria Ward, director at Victoria Ward Limited, is involved in this virtual gathering hosted by Mary Alice Arthur, David Drake and David Hutchens. Each week of Story the Future features a different theme. The first week “Voices from the field”, is an opportunity to learn from and with some of the world’s foremost practitioners in storytelling and story work. During the second week, “On the age of practice”, a group of practitioners will share their experiences in taking story into a variety of realms. Finally, the third week, Story the Future, focuses on the idea that one way to change the future is to change the story.

A weekly Live Interactive event, open to the public, promises to connect people from all over the world who want to make a difference with story and engage in thought-provoking conversations focused on the matter. On the 15th of September, the Live Interactive Event will answer the question ‘What does it take to be an everyday activist?’, and will be led by writer Christina Baldwin and story activist Mary Alice Arthur.

Story of the future welcomes participants, from storytellers to story-lovers and people who work with story, to join the summit and come together to think of the present and tell stories about the future we want. There are two ways to join and more information can be found here.





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