Europe and the arc of instability

Demographic change, urbanization, technological disruptions and resource constraints were at the heart of Chatham House’s annual conference earlier this month, providing useful context ahead of SOIF2015, our flagship strategic foresight retreat this August.

The opening keynote on Day 2 saw Carl Bildt and Dr Assia Bensalah Alaoui discussing ‘Europe and the arc of instability’ – one of the themes we explore at SOIF2015, including:

  • links between migration, values, security and prosperity
  • the role of non-state actors, national and international coordination
  • the need for long-term thinking to transform economies and societies

The role of non-state actors was given further attention later that morning as  “Policy making in a fragmented world” where SOIF director Cat Tully, raised the need for system stewardship and long-term thinking for effective policy-making, a point picked up by Professor Simon Anholt, Founder, the Good Country Party in his response.

You can listen to Cat’s question in the video below, or online here, or jump to Simon Arnholdt’s response