Designing high impact foresight training

In September, we’ll be kicking off our next 10-week virtual training course in strategic foresight. During the global pandemic, our learning practice has made the transition to more virtual learning, as well as responding to increased demand for tailored learning for organisations or communities. 

Through this, we’ve held on to our core principles on how to design high impact foresight training centered on the learning journey.

Designing a structured journey around your learning

The journey starts with your learning and development. If we know what you or your team needs to get out of the training, your learning goals, and the existing capabilities and barriers that might exist, we can better guide you through your journey. 

Learning virtually over time

Spreading training over a longer time period is more effective than a one-off session of the same duration. So we have designed our virtual training as a 10-week modular course that lets you try out innovative and practical foresight tools.

Teaching methodology

Our teaching philosophy combines different modes—expert training, practical sessions, and facilitated reflection and learning discussions. This gives practical experience as well as applied theory. The thinking behind this is that:

  • Exploration and learning takes a long time. Some tools are intuitive, while others take time to master
  • Online activities need to be very directed to support this learning in a virtual environment
  • They also need to be designed for the lowest possible technology
  • A mix of synchronous working, asynchronous working, and informal sessions with your peers on the course helps expand your community of practice


Foresight is more than just research and analysis, so we deliver a holistic programme of content. We teach a structured four-stage approach that is agnostic about methods but clear on the process. There’s a particular emphasis on scoping–the start of the process–and integrating–the end–which are critical to impact. 


We know that the journey doesn’t end when you go back to the office. In fact, that’s when the real learning starts. In our virtual training, we work with an executive coach to support you and your cohort through a group coaching programme to apply your learning in a safe environment. You also join the SOIF alumni community – an international network of practitioners in policy, strategy and innovation – and will be invited to regular catch up events.

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