Strategic Foresight and Aspirational Futures


Global power shifts, challenges to global governance, misuse of technology, a spike of migration flow and more… All these factors seem to be leading the world to a new geopolitical and geo-economic order. Society needs to be ready to face those challenges in time. And yet, how do we do this?

The answer is Strategic Foresight, as discussed by our director Cat Tully in a chapter from “Global Trends to 2030: Shaping the Future in a Fast-Changing World“. The handbook is a collection of insightful, forward-looking essays by global trends specialists, policymakers and international leaders in wake of their participation in the annual ESPAS conference

In the chapter Foresight: Thinking About Tomorrow Today, Cat stresses the importance of strategic foresight and SOIF’s work with young foresight practitioners with her essay titled “Aspirational Futures of the Next Generation”.

“Will our aspirations fall by the wayside as we face the realities of these growing challenges?” With this thought-provoking question, Cat introduces foresight as a powerful tool. A tool, which offers adaptability and hope — something that must happen by reflecting new voices and new approaches.

Cat also shares information on the launch of the Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award (NGFP). The initiative recognises futures innovation and young leadership from new geographies. Over 70 participants from all the continents shared the projects and stories as part of the 2018 awards – a true inspiration. The 2019 Awards are now underway.

In Cat’s words, the NGFP Award has the mission of becoming the first step of a global accelerator for emerging foresight leaders.

13 of the awardees travelled to Brussels, invited by ESPAS to attend their annual conference, to share their work and experiences, and to contribute to the debate on the future of global trends.

More information about Cat’s essay and ESPAS2018 can be found here.

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