Branching out – SOIF and Soif-Horizons

In five years, School of International Futures (SOIF) has established itself as a centre for foresight learning and practice with its annual retreat in the UK and its work across the globe. It is also the hub of a thriving foresight community.

From 14 April, to meet growing demand for foresight, SOIF and Soif-Horizons – a new company – will branch out in new directions, extending the reach of our activities.

School of International Futures, led by Cat Tully, will focus on helping policy-makers and business leaders use foresight to make strategic choices, to manage risk and create future-ready organisations for a sustainable future.

Soif-Horizons, led by Alun Rhydderch, will take foresight to new places, working with innovative organisations the world over to create prosperity, improve lives and build better futures.

Curious what to expect from Soif-Horizons? Here’s an intro from Alun:

“Soif-Horizons will work in new markets with clients and partners to bring futures thinking into organisations large and small. We believe the future should be represented everywhere –  in schools, startups, political parties, government offices, art centres and multinational companies. Every organisation, every person contains seeds of the future – we want to help these to germinate and grow. Our goal is that people and organisations are confident in the future, which they play their part in shaping.

Soif-Horizons connects with other disciplines and leading-edge practice, scanning for disruptions and sources of renewal. We support the development of visions for industry sectors, regions and countries, in which the widest possible group participates and from which all benefit. We see in technology the potential to increase prosperity and wellbeing, but are alert to its downsides, for people and for the planet we live on.

The past and the present have the power and resources; many incumbents try to prevent the future from happening. We are activists, we want to shake things up and give a voice to the future, on behalf of those who will live in it.”

Meanwhile, over the coming months at SOIF, we will be sharing news on our thought-leadership, starting with our lean foresight and education and skills projects, as well as new and innovative services including foresight accreditation and audits. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

The two arms of SOIF will be separate companies but will collaborate on projects where these areas of interest overlap.

If you have any questions about SOIF or Soif-Horizons then we look forward to hearing from you.

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