Tomas Ries


Dr. Tomas Ries is Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor in the US) in Security and Strategy at the National Defence College, Stockholm, Sweden.

Professional focus:

Dr. Ries has worked with security studies since 1979. His three main interests are:

1. The globalising security environment and future trends.

2. The epistemological and practical challenges of the new security environment.

3. The essence of strategy and security.

During the Cold War (1979-1992) he focussed on the US-Soviet strategic nuclear relationship in the Arctic, Soviet military interests and grand strategy in the north, nordic security and Finland’s security policy. These topics are now once again taking up more of his time.

Management positions:

2005 – 2010 Director, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm

1996 – 1997 Deputy Director, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

1992 – 1996 Director, International Training Course in Geneva, Switzerland

Research positions:

1997 – 2004 Senior Researcher, National Defence College in Finland

1988 – 1992 Senior Researcher, Institute for Defence Studies (IFS), Oslo

1986 – 1988 Researcher, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), Oslo

1981 – 1991 Nordic Correspondent , International Defence Review, Geneva

Academic qualifications:

B.Sc. (Econ), London School of Economics and Political Science

Ph.D. Graduate Institute of International Studies at Geneva University.

He has written two books and over one-hundred articles and research studies.

Selected honorary positions currently held:

Atlantic Council Member (Washington DC); Adjunct Professor Åbo Akademi; Adjunct Professor Baltic Defence College; Royal Academy of Military Science (Stockholm); Royal Naval Society (Stockholm); Finland’s Academy of Military Science, plus several boards, expert advisory groups and networks.

Selected speaking networks:

Some fifty speaking engagements accepted per year for business, government, academic and NGO fora. They include SAAB, ESRI, Teliasonera, Sony/Ericsson, Sweco, NATO (Senior Commanders Conference, ACT Transformation Conference, Arctic Futures Conference); EU- ISS, NIC, OSCE, SÄPO, FRA, MUST and various academic and NGO fora.

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Senior Lecturer, Security and Strategy