Betty Sue Flowers


Betty Sue Flowers, Ph.D. (University of London), and Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Texas, is a writer, editor, and international business consultant, with publications ranging from poetry therapy to human rights, including two books of poetry and four television tie-in books with Bill Moyers.

She has served as a moderator for executive seminars at the Aspen Institute, consultant for NASA and CIA, Visiting Advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, Public Director of the American Institute of Architects, and editor of scenarios for Shell International in London and the Hague, the OAS, the OECD, Eskom in South Africa, the University of Oxford, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva (on global sustainable development, on the future of biotechnology, and on global water issues).

She was the series consultant for the PBS television series, “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth” and on-air consultant for the nationally broadcast “The Mystery of Love.” Before moving to New York City in 2009, Flowers served as Director of the Johnson Presidential Library and Museum and as a professor, Director of the Interdisciplinary
Honors Program (Plan II), Director of Creative Writing in the English Department, and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Publications include (with Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Joseph Jaworski): Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future, “Leadership in Action: Three Essential Energies,” in The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century, The American Dream and the Economic Myth , “The Primacy of People in a World of Nations” in The Partnership Principle: New Forms of Governance in the 21 st Century, “The Shield of Athena: Archetypal Images and Women as Political Leaders,” and (co-edited with Angela Wilkinson) Realistic Hope: Facing Global Challenges (forthcoming).

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Scenario Planning Consultant; Poet; Author