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SOIF Organisation Biography

School of International Futures (SOIF) is a global non-profit transforming futures for current and next generations.

Our vision is a better, fairer and more sustainable world for current and next generations.  We achieve this by helping people transform the present by using structured thinking about the future. 

We work with partners such as governments, foundations, civil society and business leaders, to enhance innovation, competitiveness, and resilience; to better understand and manage risk; and to improve strategic decisions

We bring together three disciplines in the service of societal transformation.  We advise decision-makers about how to use foresight approaches to address complex, future-facing policy and strategy questions across governments, foundations, civil society and corporations. We focus on participation and governance and we put people at the heart of the future. We weave, incubate and scale networks of social change agents.

We are a values-led organisation.  We have always worked with people who are using foresight to create positive change and hope.  And our approach ensures that the end of any foresight journey is rooted in impact.  

We improve outcomes at three different levels, through working with citizens, organisations and leaders.  Firstly, our work ensures that citizens— especially next generation voices — are involved in shaping their desired futures.  This means that citizens have the power to make and shape their desired futures by participating in decision-making.  We also work to ensure that organisations and sectors are prepared for the future.  This means that organisations, social movements and sectors are able to engage with upcoming signals of change and navigate an uncertain future.  And finally we aim that leaders make intergenerationally fair decisions – that they are supported and enabled to take the interests of future generations into account in their decisions.

SOIF was founded in 2012. It is headquartered in the UK and operates globally, using diverse teams to work with organisations and communities to make change for the better.

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