We are SOIF. Practitioners in intergenerational planning, strategy and policy.

Our work has a social purpose and uses foresight to unlock insights about the future

We practise foresight for a purpose: to create a fairer world for future generations. We passionately believe that strategic foresight can help build better long-term futures for all generations.

How we work

We are a practice organisation. Our track record speaks for itself.

We bring people together across sectors, themes and regions to create a better world by engaging with the future today.

We develop leading-edge thinking in the sector, and for clients who want to transform the sectors, they work in.

We work with clients in a number of ways. To tackle project questions. To build foresight capability within organisations, through our advisory and capability function and through the training and development of individuals and networks.

Three benefits of foresight

1. Gain strategic vision

2. Manage risk

3. Create a future-ready and alert organisation

We help you to work with the future.

1. Advise

We work with decision makers, in government, business, civil society and foundations who face complex strategy, policy, and business questions — and use futures and foresight tools in projects and workshops to help them get to innovative and imaginative solutions for the wider good.

2. Build

We work with organisations and individuals and groups within them through mentoring, learning and dialogue to build the capability to apply future-facing perspectives to the questions they face, and to implement applied and participatory futures in their own settings.

3. Weave

We work with networks of social change agents across the globe to weave them together, to incubate them, and to help them scale to build effective change globally and across their communities.

4. Tackle

We take on some of today’s crunchiest and most complex public purpose challenges, and work with partners to identify innovative new system-wide solutions, to build programmes incorporating these solutions, and to test them.