The future of Northern Nigeria and its power sector

Kaduna Electric and KEDCO

We’re helping an African company develop strategic plans that will give 50 million citizens reliable access to critical infrastructure by 2030.

The challenge

Regulatory changes opened up the opportunity for Kaduna and Kedco to become the leading power distributors in northern Nigeria—potentially by tapping into renewable energy.

But regulatory and political issues, public attitudes to privatised companies, and an ageing distribution system, threatened to increase costs sharply.

The companies decided to take a longer view.


Our approach

SOIF worked with Kaduna and Kedco over a six month period to build a set of future scenarios for northern Nigeria, and the impacts on the electricity sector.

A multi-day workshop with staff and stakeholders enabled the companies to

  • Identify strategic implications, opportunities, and risks
  • Build a roadmap for implementation out to 2035.


The outcome

The futures process generated a clear set of strategic priorities that Kaduna and Kedco are now incorporating into their planning processes.

The insights from the project have also underpinned a bid for World Bank development funding.