U.S. GAO Launches Center For Strategic Foresight

U.S GAO (Government Accountability Office) has launched the Center For Strategic Foresight. Consisting of strategic foresight experts (Fellows) from around the world, the CSF held its first meeting in January to discuss the evolving nature of identity and other trends with the potential to significantly impact the nation—as individuals, organizations and governments.

“Supported by the leadership and vision of the U.S. Comptroller General, Gene L. Dodaro, we are committed to strategic foresight as an important management tool, as well as a mechanism to guide us as we plan our future work,” noted James-Christian Blockwood, Managing Director of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Strategic Planning and External Liaison (SPEL) office.

Among the CSF fellows of 2018-2020 are SOIF’s founder and director, Cat Tully and our colleagues Kristel Van der Elst and Rosemarie Forsythe, speakers at SOIF2019 Strategic Foresight Retreat.

More information about the CSF to be found in the International Journal of Government Auditing.