NGFP’s fifth anniversary winners

I am delighted to announce the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) 2022 Award winners. Half of the winning projects this year work with marginalised communities supporting them to shape their future. Whereas some combined foresight with technology. The Environment is the prominent protagonist in the winning applications, with eight of the 19 winning projects focusing on environmental issues – including the Main Award.

The 2022 NGFP Award winners

The NGFP 2022 awards have strong gender and geographical diversity. Winners represent five continents, seven from Asia, five from Africa, three from Europe, two from South America and two from North America.

“Foresight inspires many, but this award takes Futures thinking to the next level by creating systemic support for planetary innovation.”

Sohail Inayatullah, NGFP2022 judge.

NGFP turns five

SOIF launched the NGFP Awards in 2018 as an initiative to encourage and recognise the endeavours of the next generation in shaping the future. The NGFP Sensing Network is one of the largest global networks of next-generation future-alert activists, with more than 500 members in over 80 countries across six continents. Over the last five years, NGFP porgramme has evolved that supports a diverse global network of future thinkers and foresight practitioners.

New awards are introduced yearly, strengthening our network and widening our impact. In 2020, we announced the Walkabout Prizes and partnered with Teach the Future in 2021 to launch the Young Voices awardstaking NGFP’s offer to 12 to 17-year-olds with inspiring ideas and projects. 

In 2021, we launched our first regional network for NGFP members in Africa and introduced an Impact Fund that has supported collaborations between 27 NGFP members from 15 countries. In 2022, we included intergenerational fairness and existential risk.

Next five years 

As we head into the next five years, we focus on building the network’s sustainability through new types of partnerships and funding. Thus, supporting more NGFP members to learn and collaborate for impact. 

 “The NGFP Award is a global classroom, that nurtures talent that has potential to reverse most of the world’s current challenges” 

Judith Kaulem, NGFP2022 judge.

We aim to create regional networks beyond Africa and strengthen sectoral and issue-focused clusters. And have NGFP members in a particular country work collaboratively at the national policy level – bringing contextual insights and vision. SOIF will complement this with policy expertise to drive systemic change. 

Finally, NGFP is committed to being a core part of a new coalition that places voice of young people in global agenda setting.

Happy 5th anniversary, NGFP. And cheers to many more!