Passy Ogolla

Passy is the African Network Weaver at the School of International Futures and a Program Manager at the Society for International Development

Passy has a little over 4-years of experience leading the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Futures (SEF) for Eastern Africa Programme’s research, dialogue and evidence-based policy recommendation processes and any linkages to climate change related activities at the Society for International Development (SID). The mission has entailed organizing and convening public and high-level forums for important discussions about the implications of different energy choices and investments for the economy, social equity and the environment. The publication, Energy for Whom? Scenarios for Eastern Africa stands as one of the landmarks of the programme; and is currently used as a tool for testing energy and climate policies, investments and choices and as a public awareness and advocacy tool for energy issues. 

Additionally, Passy is a member of  YOUNGO,  and its representative at the UNFCCC TEC Taskforce on Collaboration and Stakeholder engagement; and a Regional Focal Point for East and South Africa at the SDG 7 Youth Constituency of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.

As a nature lover, eco-activist and afro-optimist Passy uses her writing to share her perspectives on sustainable energy, climate action among other themes while also actively participating in local community actions in order to spur and influence behavioral and policy change for a sustainable future for all.

Passy Ogolla

Africa Network Weaver

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