Lewis Lloyd

Lewis works as a researcher on a range of SOIF projects, with recent highlights touching on climate change, the future of food and farming, and the future of space. He previously worked at the Institute for Government, the UK’s leading think tank focused on making government more effective, where he managed and conducted research projects on Brexit, data and technology, and ways of improving policymaking. Alongside his broader role as a researcher, he brings this experience and understanding of government to SOIF’s National Strategy for the Next Generations programme, which he currently project manages and supports.

As a freelancer, Lewis has also worked on a public inquiry for an immersive theatre company, a public sector consultancy firm and a cybersecurity start-up. His public-facing research has been featured on the BBC, in the FT, The Guardian, The Times, and elsewhere. He has an MSc in Intelligent Systems from the University of Sussex, where he focused on artificial intelligence and a BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Cambridge.

Researcher and NSxNG Project Manager