Kushal Sohal

Kushal Sohal is a London-based Futures Literacy Designer. He is a Next Generation Foresight Practitioner with the School of International Futures (SOIF). This fellowship supports his efforts to codesign public futures conversations, community futures labs, and activities with academics and students. His primary interest concerns futures of gender and masculinities, with a focus on South Asia.

Kushal is the Design Process and Facilitation Lead on a SOIF project, working on creating an Intergenerational Systems Leadership Lab with stakeholders in the Childhood Sexual Violence sector. He has also been a working with the UNESCO Futures Literacy and Foresight team since May 2021. In this role, he has been codesigning, implementing, and evaluating futures projects with UN agencies, government ministries, and community groups worldwide. He has previously codesigned a DEI toolkit with teachers and students, and worked on feminist foreign policy with a research centre and UK Labour Party politician. Kushal has a BA in History from University College London and a MSc in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Oxford. His list of publications can be found at: https://linktr.ee/kushalsohal

Design Process and Facilitation Lead