Finn Strivens

Finn Strivens is a designer and foresight practitioner who is passionate about empowering people to shape their collective futures. Finn is the creative lead on SOIF’s National Strategy for the Next Generation programme, is an NGFP fellow, and the inaugural winner of the NGFP Walkabout Prize where he is using social media to engage young people to think about the future.

Outside SOIF, Finn is a visiting lecturer in Global Innovation Design at Imperial College London and is founder and creative lead at Futurall, a design studio specialising in producing large scale participatory futures engagements. He is also a regular public speaker at foresight conferences such as Primer, Futures Festival, and the Global Foresight Summit.

Finn has previously completed a Masters degree in Global Innovation Design, worked as an Innovation Designer with Via Dynamics, and was Maker in Residence at the EU Joint Research Centre maker-space.

NSxNG Creative Lead

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