Practitioners in intergenerational planning, strategy and policy.

SOIF exists to help policy makers and business leaders improve the present and the future by using foresight and futures methods to make better strategic choices about the future, to improve the quality of their innovation, and make their organisations more resilient by better understanding and managing risk.

We help to build the capability to make organisations future-ready, and we build networks of practitioners to create the capacity to build better futures. 

SOIF was founded in 2012. It is headquartered in London and operates globally, using diverse teams to work with organisations and communities to make change for the better. 

We are building a new kind of organisation — one that is fit for the 21st century.

Foresight with impact

Our foresight work focuses on the transmission of insights about the future into decisions today. We design for impactcomplexity and participation

Our learning journey and four-stage approach ensure you are aware of the essential components of successful foresight; how to design and implement strategic foresight and build the institutions and cultures they need to shape the future. This framework is supported by our seven principles.

Together they ensure that the end of any foresight journey is rooted in impact and real-world change.

We use a four stage process to help organisations build their futures.

What is foresight?

Foresight and futures provide a different approach to the questions that organisations wrestle with by starting from the wider environment, to identify what’s changing there, and how this might affect the organisation’s working environment. They help it to take a big picture systemic view of what’s happening, which leads in turn to clearer sight of implications and stronger alignment around actions.

This means that using foresight improves organisational clarity, resilience, agility, and management of risk. It builds narratives about direction that people can align themselves with, building greater purpose.

Customers and service users now expect organisations and businesses to be clear about their purpose. A vision of your overall direction, and clarity about the strategic building blocks to get you there, is essential. We use foresight and futures methods to help you shape your preferred futures. Then we work with you on a strategic plan to set the direction of travel, that involves and engages staff and stakeholders.

We design our projects to understand complexity through participation.